A powerful Room Status Display and Instant Booking Solution

Room Status Display Widgets providing Ultimate Flexibility & Control

Three Sets of Room Status Display Widgets

Customize Your Room Booking Panels in a Matter of Minutes




Google Calendar


Microsoft Exchange

Use the DIsplay5 platform for room status display information across your Enterprise

Use the Full Power of the Display5 CMS for your Room Status Panels

Easily add content like video, weather, messaging or make panels part of Emergency communications
Room status display

Room Booking Show with background image

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Room Scheduling panels with video

Same Show with Video background

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Same as Show with video background with Weather added

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Full Screen – Any Size Display or Canvas Resolution

Room status display

Partial Screen – Use Widgets to Creatively Communicate Room Availability

Contact Center Digital Signage

Overlay on a Floor Template

Room status display on digital sign

Room Occupancy info displayed on a portion of the screen and can be rotated in and out of panel as desired

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Works with Consumer tablets like an iPad or Commercial Devices

We Recommend Commercial Devices. Why?

Significantly Enhanced Control

Commercial devices are made to be part of a network of displays and provide enhanced programming and remote control capabilities such as: programmable colored display lights; remote re-boot of device; capability to remotely turn on / off; remotely change device settings, e.g. brightness; Access RS232 port, NFC

More Ruggedized Operating Environment

Built for 24 hour, 7 days per week operation in a wider range of operating environments.  Lowers ongoing device management operations.

Better Hardware

Commercial devices provide greater reliability, enhanced security and more robust hardware features for the commercial environment

No Fire Hazard

Consumer tablets, like iPads, are not meant to be plugged in 24 hours a day.  When they are they become a potential fire hazard.

Easier Installation

Commercial devices come with built in VESA mounts and POE, making installation easier and less costly.


Leverage APIs for device light control, NFC, and more. Add hardware drivers or request special features.

Commercial Tablet-sized displays, Certified to Work with Display5

IAdeas XDS-1078 Room Panels

Leverage the Display5 Architecture

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