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Design Your Stats Display

Display5’s Contact Center Digital Signage, Stats Design Tool is tightly integrated with our Content Management System giving you powerful content design capabilities which are easy to use

Stream Live Town Hall Addresses

Instantly switch your displays for a Town Hall executive address

Play Videos or Live TV Streams

Move videos & live streams to the whole display, or just a panel.  Play at scheduled times or on demand

And Much More by Adding Modules

Advanced Emergency Management, Room Booking schedules, Corporate directories …

Ultimate Flexibility & Enterprise Capability

Part of Your IT Infrastructure

Supporting a new application within your IT environment is mandatory. The Display5 Platform has been integrated into many corporate IT environments.  We know what it takes

Tightly Integrated with Other Corporate IT Systems

Databases, Applications, Video on Demand platforms, Office systems (Exchange, O365, Google Calendar), …


Simple security certification because Display5 uses your corporate browser to play content

Awesome Support

Display5 provides a responsive and highly qualified support team.  With multiple ways to connect and take care of all your Contact Center Digital Signage software needs

Digital Media Communications Platform which meets all Your Contact Center Digital Signage Needs

Display5 meets All Your Digital Signage Contact Center Needs

The best of the best is combined in the Display5 platform.  We have more than 15 years experience working with Contact Centers to display KPIs, corporate communications and live streams.  As the displays have evolved from wallboards and readerboards to digital screens, our software has allowed our customers to take full advantage of the new technologies.

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Use the power of the Display5 platform to communicate virtually whatever type of content you want, when you want, on your Contact Center digital signage.

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Displaying your KPI’s

Stats Display & Config Widget Part 1

Stats Display & Config Widget Part 2

Stats Display & Config Widget Part 3

First things first.  Let’s look at the capability to display your KPIs for everyone to see on the contact center digital signage.  The Display5 Contact Center Stats Config & Display module is made up of two key components:
  1. The RTI, which is the real-time application that connects to your switch to pull the required skills in real time.
  2. The Contact Center widget, which allows you to easily configure the stats you want to see and how you want to see them.

The RTI Application

Display5 provides a number of RTI connections to the the suppliers of contact center switches: Avaya, Cisco, Genesys and even some of the older technologies like Symposium.  The RTI is configured with your switch(s) to use credentials suitable for accessing the reports interface or the resident switch database.  The RTI is a thread safe application that can be tailored or customized to retrieve one or more skills from a contact center switch via an OBDC request or through a reporting engine such as the Avaya CMS.

The RTI can be customized to set the frequency of requests and to add and remove skills on demand.  The RTI is responsible for populating and keeping current the statistics stored in the Display5 system database – either MySQL, SQL Server or other SQL engine.  The statistics from the Display5 database are then used by the Display5 CMS to show the KPIs on the contact center digital signage.  The RTI can retrieve hundreds of skill values at a time and runs on Windows systems. Typically the RTI is installed on a separate computer that is dedicated to extracting skills data live.

The Contact Center Widget

The Display5 Contact Center widget is called a “widget”, but it is like an App that runs in the Display5 Content Management System.  This widget allows you to quickly and easily display the key stats (or KPIs) that are collected in the RTI database.

The widget allows you to create stats tables of any size and allows you to format the tables the way you want to see them on your contact center digital signage.  Then you can use the full power of the Display5 CMS to display the tables of KPIs within the display in any manner which works best for you.

The videos to the left are a 3 part demonstration on using the Stats Config & Display widget, which is tightly integrated into the Display5 CMS.

The CMS Module

At the core of the Display5 enterprise Digital Media Communications platform is its CMS.  What makes the Display5 CMS special for contact center digital signage?

A single CMS for contact center digital signage displays of any size – TV screens, any size video wall, tablets or mobile phones
A comprehensive and robust suite of capabilities to integrate and enhance content for play on contact center digital signage screens across your organization
Integration to other IT platform to easily grab data or content for display
Advanced features which allow content to be scheduled; its play tracked; can be event triggered; and allow seamless switching between different content streams
And more …

The contact center digital signage Show to the right uses many of the CMS widgets combined into one beautiful image, communicating timely and powerful information.

Admin & User Management Module

The Display5 Admin & User Management module lets you integrate to your corporate directory and manage the Users who are granted access to the system.  You can give very granular control over which Users have permissions to interact with the contact center digital signage system for specific functions:

Integrate Display5 to your corporate directory – LDAP, Active Directory, SAML, SAML2.0, Azure and other Single Sign On services
Grant Users permissions to View, Edit and / Publish content
Permissions granted by Show and can be turned on or off instantly
Organize Users into Groups

Enterprise IT Integration

Integrating a software platform into your enterprise’s IT infrastructure is not the most exciting thing to do but it is becoming a more critical component of deploying any application inside large organizations.  Display5 has a web based architecture. This makes it very easy for the Display5 platform to integrate with other technologies.

We have already integrated with:

Contact Centers switches from Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Symposium and others
Corporate directories – LDAP, Active Directory, SAML, SAML2.0, Azure and other Single Sign On services
Databases – SQL Server 2008 & 2012, MySQL and others
F5 – for redundancy
Video on Demand (Corporate YouTube) platforms – Kaltura’s and Qumu’s.  This allows you to easily grab video content from these platforms and play it within Display5’s CMS

And Display5 has passed the application security testing standards of IBM’s Security AppScan for web based applications.

You can feel confident that the Display5 Digital Media Communications platform for contact center digital signage can fit in with your IT infrastructure environment.

Security Compliance

Display5’s architecture makes security concerns quickly disappear.

The Display5 platform is a web-based architecture.  This means that the Display5 application runs on a browser – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla FireFox and many of the display manufacturer’s built in System on a Chip (SOC) displays, e.g. Samsung, NEC, LG, etc.

There is a very good chance that your IT security department has already certified one or more of these industry standard browsers for us e within your organization.  This means that you will not need to get the Display5 application for contact center digital signage certified by IT security.   Why?  Because Display5 runs on a browser it inherits all the certification which your IT Security team has already completed when they certified the browser they chose for general use within your organization.

All you need to do is confirm with your IT Security team that you want to run Display5 on your corporate browser and have them confirm what you just read.

Player Management Module

Display5 can be used with just about any player that runs a browser or supports HTML.  This gives you the ultimate flexibility in terms of which player you want to use and it lets you operate a mixed network of players.  For help picking a Player – go here.

The Display5 Player Management module give you complete control of the content being played on the contact center digital signage screens across your network.  You can manage how that content is being played on the players in your network of displays both locally and remote.  You can manage the players on many floors and/or many locations from one central point:

  • Play any Show on any display, whenever you want
  • Control all your players from a central location
  • Get alerts when a player goes down
  • See what is playing on any display at any time
  • Control off site / remote site players
  • Re-boot a player remotely

Player Management lets you leave behind the world of the same Show playing on every monitor on the floor.  Do more with your displays!

Screen Management Module

The Screen Management and Player Management modules of Display5, together, act like a remote control for your TV, allowing you to monitor and control all the players and contact center digital signage displays in your network.  The Screen Management module gives you complete control of your network of displays, including displays at remote locations.  And you can manage displays on many floors and/or many locations from one central point.

  • Control all your displays from a central location
  • Power displays on/off across your network
  • Turn volume on/off, or adjust the sound level
  • Change the input source

The Display5 Screen Management is used by contact centre customers:

  • For a Town Hall broadcast on your contact center digital signage screens.  It lets you change the volume (on, off, up, down) and you can also switch the input devices for the screen if needed.  Typically, there is no sound on when your usual Show with KPIs and other content is playing
  • When you want to play an IPTV stream, e.g. for a special sporting event like the Olympics, the Super Bowl, or World Cup

Room Booking System Module

Contact Center Digital Signage

Display5 is a modular software platform. One of the modules which is getting a lot of interest from Contact Center clients, is our Room Booking System module. This module gives you the ability to install room booking panels (tablets, such as an iPad) outside meeting rooms to indicate the current and forward status of the room availability.

The first image to the left shows room booking tablets outside of meeting rooms. People can instantly see if the rooms down the entire hallway are open or occupied, from the colour of the screen.

If the room is booked, you will get an image that looks like the second image to the left. You can customize this layout in lots of ways but the RED colouring let’s people instantly know that this room is booked. With the power of the Display5 CMS you can add, content using any of the other D5 widgets: ticker messages; weather; videos, etc

If the room is available, you will get an image that looks like the third image to the left. Similar to the “Occupied” screen but now GREEN is the predominant colour indicating the room is available at a glance. This panel also gives people the ability to instantly book the room on the spot from the panel.

The Room Booking module is a series of widgets that you can add to work with the Display5 CMS. For these widgets to work, your Display5 system also needs to be connected to your corporate calendaring system – Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google calendar.

Once this is integrated, Display5’s all-purpose CMS for content display lets you do some creative things with the Room Booking widget on panels and contact center digital signage. Here is an example of a digital sign with room occupancy information for a floor PLUS contact center KPI info – all on the same screen. You can create almost any kind of screen layout with so many content sources and possibilities with Display5.


Advanced Emergency Management Module

The Display5 Advanced Emergency Management (AEM) module gives you capabilities far beyond simply creating various emergency Shows which can be played in the event of different types of emergencies. The Emergency Mgmt module utilizes the same CMS to create Emergency Shows, which means there is one simple CMS to use for the entire system. But the AEM module gives you some unique and powerful capabilities.

  1. Every player can be assigned to a uniquely defined emergency zone in addition to being assigned to a normal player group. This means that 3 departments in the same building could each have their own unique player groupings, but all three player groups can be part of the same emergency zone for the building.
  2. Each contact center digital signage emergency Show which you create can have a unique URL generated with a single click, which can be given to other IoT subsystems which, when they trigger the URL by a specific action, the emergency Show will immediately start to play on the screens designated for that Emergency zone.  For example, if an emergency Show is created to play in the event of a Fire, if the unique URL for that Show is given to the Fire Alarm system, when someone pulls the Fire Alarm switch on the wall, it will immediately trigger the Fire emergency Show.
  3. A unique touch screen component of the EMS which can be used by the Emergency Operations to manually take control of screens across the network and all emergency zones. This gives Ops the ability for ad hoc messaging or manually trigger emergency Shows and other content across the network of digital signs.

A unique Use Case for the AEM in Contact Centers:

Multi-site Contact Center landscapes can create contingency (emergency) Shows for when a site or location goes down and the call load needs to be switched to other sites. These Shows can be built as an emergency Show and can be triggered either manually or automatically.

Integration to Leading Enterprise Video on Demand (VoD) Platforms

One of the core principles in the design of the Display5 architecture is to maximize the ability to integrate the Display5 platform to other: content, data and enterprise platforms. In the VoD (a corporate YouTube) enterprise market, we have tightly integrated the Display5 platform with the two leading VoD platforms – Kaltura and Qumu.

This allows organizations who have invested in Kaltura or Qumu to join those platforms with Display5. Taking what were formerly two islands of technology and allowing them to interoperate in a seamless manner. The benefits of this integration are:

  1. Display5 gives the Kaltura or Qumu video asset a whole new use case. The videos can be displayed in ways they were not used before: on contact center digital signage, video walls and tablet sized room panels
  2. Users can log into their Kaltura/Qumu account directly from within Display5 and pull videos or video playlists into their Display5 playlist
  3. Integrate live streams from Kaltura/Qumu to play on your digital screens where and when you want
  4. When the live streams end, the displays can automatically be flipped to play a digital signage Show

A unique Use Case for VoD Integration in Contact Centers

Contact Centers who have strategically moved to a VoD platform to support their customers and agents by providing access to a database of “How to” videos which the agents can access and provide customers with links to, can speed up call resolution and increase customer satisfaction. Contact Centers with this VoD capability can use Display5 to:

  • Display stats on which videos are being used most often for customer resolutions
  • Play new support videos to promote awareness amongst Contact Center agents

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