On-Site Digital display Communications

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One Solution to manage the digital media on all your Screens and harmonize to your other channels (Social Media, Facebook, Email)

Simplify Operations

Club digital signage

Display & Combine all Content Types

Increase Revenues

Club digital signage

Promote Club Activities & Events

Build Community

Club digital signage

Keep Members informed at the Club

Simplify, Streamline & Enhance your Club’s On-Site Communications

All your different On Screen needs in One cloud Service

Display5’s CMS lets you build any type of content on the screens around your Club.:

  • 130+ widgets
  • Show templates
  • 1,000s of images and videos to choose from

Awesome Support

Display5 provides a responsive and highly qualified support team.  With multiple ways to connect and take care of all your Club Digital Signage software needs.

Unparalleled Content Control

With Display5 you get the ultimate control over content scheduling and play.  Easily control — When, What, Where and How — Content plays throughout the Club’s facilities

Control and Manage your Screens & Content from any Browser

Access the Display5 Club cloud server from any browser.  Log in to create content, or to manage the players and content playing on screens around the Club.

Some of the ways Display5 can be used in your Club

Make Your On-Site Digital Media Club Communications more Effective

More Informed Members – Better Participation – More Profitable Operation

Is Display5 a good fit for your Club?

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Clubs that have, or plan to have, 5 to 20 display screens throughout the Club facilities for On-site Club communications and want to manage the screens, players, and content as a single system.   Screens for the Club entrance;  the Pro Shop, the Restaurant, Bar or Snack Shop;  outside of meeting rooms;  at the tennis courts, fitness center or swimming pool;  Club Bulletin Boards; or TV screens.   The display screens or TV screens can be any size from wall mounted tablets, to very large video walls.

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Watch these full length Club Shows Live to see some of the powerful things you can do with the Display5 Platform

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Display5's Club Service comes with Unlimited access to 145,000+ Pre-designed posters

145,000 + Pre-designed Posters from PosterMyWall

DISPLAY5 is a powerful cloud Software Service

Your Club can use the power of the Display5 service to communicate virtually whatever type of content you want, when you want, on any of the Club’s display screens.

The Display5 service is easy to use and operate.

But how do you get started from where your current operation is at?

We can help you figure out what you need to do to get your screens working as a single system within your operation.

Book an Operational Readiness Consulting Session

Looking for new ways to streamline operations, increase revenues or build your Club community?

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Some of the topics we will cover:

  • How to easily brand and publish the pre-designed poster templates in Display5
  • How to use QR Codes to streamline your operations and eliminate sign up sheets
  • How to show leaderboards for your tournaments on your screens
  • Different ways to display room occupancy information on your displays
  • How to import PowerPoint slides into Display5
  • How to add promotions or simple messaging to your TV screens
  • How to easily rent out screen time for weddings and other events

Club Cloud Service Plans

  • Features
  • Price
    • Display5 Shows
    • Downloads from 145,000+ Poster templates
    • User accounts
    • Maximum Players (screens)
    • Storage
    • Player Management
    • Enhanced Player Management
    • Permission base User levels
    • Emergency player grouping

  • Get Started Plan
  • $149.95 /mth
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • 1
    • 10
    • 500 MB
    • Yes
    • No
    • No
    • No

  • Enhanced Plan
  • $249.95 /mth
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • 6
    • 25
    • 2 GB
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes

Risk Free way to get started

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